League By Laws






1.1             The organization shall be known as the “Nova Scotia Junior “C” Hockey League” hereinafter referred to as the “League” and shall be comprised of Junior “C” teams located in the province of Nova Scotia. 


1.2             Membership in the organization shall consist of the subscribers to the Memorandum of Association and all other persons or members of the teams registered with the Association to compete in Junior C Hockey as identified in Schedule “B” to these By-Laws. All team members, including players, coaches, trainers and managers and officials and members of the Executive are subject to these By-laws and Regulations.     

                                                                                                                   11 – DEFIN1TIONS

2.1             In these By-Laws and Regulations unless there be something in the subject or context inconsistence therewith:


2.1.1    “League” means the Nova Scotia Jr. C Hockey League.         


2.1.2    “Special Resolution” means a resolution passed by not less than three-fourths (3/4) of such members entitled to vote as are present in person or by proxy, where proxies are allowed, at a general meeting of which notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution as a special resolution has been given.                                                           


2.1.3    “Team” means a recognized hockey team in the Nova Scotia Jr. C Hockey league.                                                                              





3.1             The League, operating with the approval and under the authority and jurisdiction of Hockey Nova Scotia, shall be comprised of Junior “C” Hockey Teams.


3.2             The League will, prior to the commencement of the regular season play, register with Hockey Nova Scotia the governing body of amateur hockey in Nova Scotia.




4.1             By-Laws and Regulations may be amended or altered by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the members present at the Annual Meeting of the League.


4.2             No amendments or alterations to the By-Laws or Regulations shall be considered unless such proposed amendments or alterations have been submitted, in writing, to the Secretary of the League at least three weeks (3) prior to the date of the Annual Meeting. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to submit a copy of the proposed amendments or alterations to each League Executive and to each team representative at least (1) week prior to the date of the Annual Meeting.





      5.1             The Nova Scotia Jr. “C” Hockey League shall hold its Annual Meeting on the first Sunday of June each year at a time and place determined by the President.

      5.2             The President or in his absence, either the Vice-President or an appointed member of the League Executive, shall preside at the Annual Meeting.

      5.3             Special meetings of the League may be called by the President and/or the League Executive at any time. A special meeting may also be called by the

                        application to the Secretary by a majority of the participating teams in writing, and when such application is received the League Executive shall

                        call a Special Meeting.

      5.4             Notice of any General Meeting, whether Annual or Special, shall be provided to each member by sending to the member at the mailing address, facsimile address, or e-mail address provided by the member to the Secretary as a contact address, and shall be sent not less than fourteen (14) days before the date of the meeting.

      5.5             The Notice shall contain the date, place and time of the meeting and the purpose of the meeting and, where any amendments to these By-laws are proposed, a copy of the proposed amendment.




                The League shall be governed by a League Executive, which will establish the policies of the League, and uphold the By-Laws and Regulations as provided herein. Every officer appointed to the Executive shall be a director of the Society.




6.2.1        The League Executive shall be comprised of the elected officers (President and two (2) Vice Presidents), the appointed officers (Treasurer, Secretary and Statistician) and the Team Representatives. The Office of Treasurer and Secretary may be combined as one (Secretary/Treasurer).                 


6.2.2        The elected officers shall be elected for a two (2) year term of office by the participating teams at the Annual General Meeting, and may be removed by majority vote at any Annual or Special Meeting.                         


6.2.3        The appointed officers shall be appointed for a one (1) year term of office for the 2005/2006 season and then two (2) year term of office from the 2006/2007 season onward. The said appointed officers shall be appointed by the participating teams at the Annual General Meeting.                          


6.2.4        Each Team shall appoint an individual as a Team Representative. Such appointment shall be in writing, Schedule A, signed by the Team President/General Manager and a true copy thereof shall be filed with the President of the League.                                                                          


6.2.5        In the event the Team Representative is unable to attend a meeting, the team may appoint by a similar writing, filed with the Secretary, an alternate to represent it at a meeting with all the power of the Team Representative.


6.2.6         Any team may at any time, in writing, revoke its Team representative and appoint another to represent it.                                                               


6.3             MEETINGS OF THE LEAGUE


      6.3.1       At any and all meeting of the League, unless otherwise stated, each team of the League shall be entitled to have present at such meeting two (2) representatives. Each team will have only one vote. The official Team Representative or his/her Alternate will be the one with the right to vote on behalf of the team.                                                                                 

 6.3.2          A quorum for meetings of the League shall be three-fourths (3/4) of the members of the League.                                                                      

 6.3.3          The Team Representative or his/her Alternate shall, by reason of his/her appointment, be vested with full power to represent the team and to bind it by his/her vote.                                                                   

 6.3.5          Any team that fails to have a Team Representative at the Annual General Meeting will be fined according to 6.3.4 and also will be required  to post a Letter of Commitment to the League and a Performance Bond of Two Thousand Dollars ($2000.00) that will be paid by July 1st or the team franchise will be suspended for one (1) year.




6.4             OFFICERS 


      6.4.1          Team Executives, Coaches, Managers and Trainers of participating Teams,

                        as well as other persons deemed to meet the requirements of the League,

                        shall not be eligible for election to the League Executive.





7.1             The management of the affairs of the Nova Scotia Junior “C” Hockey League shall be vested in an Executive Committee. This committee shall consist of  the President, two (2) Vice-Presidents, and appointed officers of the League: Secretary, Treasurer and Statistician and one member as designated by each team, all of whom shall be directors of the Society.


7.2             As an officer of the League Executive, each officer shall be elected for a two (2) year term, by participating teams present at the Annual Meeting in accordance with these By-Laws.


7.3             The Protest Committee of the League shall be the President and the two (2) Vice-Presidents. An independent team representative may act as an alternate.


7.4             The Appeals Committee shall consist of the President, two (2) Vice-Presidents. In the case of an appeal of a suspension above the minimum, the Officer issuing the suspension shall be replaced by an independent team representative.


7.5             The League Disciplinary Committee shall consist of the President, two (2) Vice-Presidents. An independent team representative may act as an alternate.


7.6             The President and League Executive will be kept informed and shall have the sole jurisdiction in the following matters:


a)            Discipline

b)           Interpretation of the Articles, By-Laws and Regulation

c)            The calling of the League meetings for those established by the By-Laws

d)           The League schedule, and rescheduling of regular League games

e)            Playoff games

f)             The conducting of all League meetings

g)            Any other areas, which may from time to time be designated by the participating teams.


      7.7             The books and records of the Society shall be kept by the Secretary and may be inspected by members during business hours on any business day upon 24 hours notice to the Secretary.


      7.8             All contracts, deeds, bills of exchange or other instruments requiring execution on behalf of the Society may be exercised by the Secretary and one other officer, or any other two individuals designated by the directors





   8.1             PRESIDENT


a)                        The President shall preside at all meetings of the League and in his absence his delegate shall preside. The President shall generally perform the duties usual to the office of the President and by in his discretion, order the calling of all meetings of the League.


               b)            The Discipline Committee, approved by the League, shall have the power to suspend and fine any player, team or team official whose action is prejudicial to good sportsmanship, or who violates the playing or League rules and Regulations.


               c)            The President shall appoint committees as required to deal with specific matters.


d)            The President shall oversee the work of the Secretary, Treasurer, Statistician, Public Relations and Marketing issues.


e)                        The President shall perform other duties as the Executive may designate.



   8.2                   VICE-PRESIDENT


a)                        The Vice President will, when required, act for the President under the                  terms of his office.


b)                       Each Vice President shall perform duties directed by the President.


c)                        The Vice President shall be responsible to the President and the League as a whole for the carrying out of all the rules and regulations and the enforcement of any decisions by the President and established committees.


   8.3                   PAST PRESIDENT


            The position of Past President shall exist, in an advisory capacity with

            No voting privileges.


   8.4                   SECRETARY


a)                        The Secretary shall perform all general secretarial duties including the recording and issuing of the minutes of all League meetings and committee meetings as required and perform such duties as may devolve upon him as League Secretary as designed by the President.


               b)            The Secretary shall conduct correspondence, issue notices of all meetings and assist in other general duties as required.


               c)            The Secretary shall provide the President within fourteen (14) days a copy of the minutes for all meetings and once reviewed by the President,



                              they shall be sent out to team representatives within twenty-one (21) days.



      8.5                   TREASURER


                              The Treasurer’s duties shall consist of:


a)                        The supervision of all business affairs to ensure the financial arrangements are fiscally responsible and administered to the League’s

best advantage.

 b)                       The Treasurer shall keep the financial records of the League. He shall receive all the money of the League and deposit. He shall present a properly prepared financial statement each year at the Annual Meeting, covering  in detain all the money received and the money disbursed.


               c)            The treasurer shall provide all necessary material for an annual audit. The auditor shall be appointed annually.


               d)            The Treasurer shall present at the Annual Meeting, an annual operating budget.



      8.6                   PUBLICITY


                              Publicity duties shall be under the direction of the President.



      8.7                   STATISTICAN


                              The statistician, under the general supervision of the President shall:


a)                        Prepare League standings and statistics within 24 hours of receiving the game sheets from the Home Team. Distribute same to the outlets provided by the President and update the League’s website.


               b)            Verify via HNS Team Rosters and game sheets that all players who have participated in League games are registered with the governing branch in accordance with this constitution.


               c)            Notify the President of the League of team(s) failing to file reports as directed by the League. Fines for these violations will be established.




9.1          Each participating team shall have a representative to be known as the Team Representative.


9.2          For the purpose of the By-Law, the team shall be deemed to be located in the area where it plays its’ home games.


9.3          Each participating team shall be entitled to have two (2) spokesmen at any League meeting, but only one (1) of these spokesmen from each team shall be entitled to vote at any League meeting. Prior to the commencement of any meeting, each team shall indicate to the Secretary who their voting representative shall be for the meeting.


9.4          The teams shall maintain and operate a hockey team of the highest possible caliber for the purpose of engaging annually in a regular schedule of championship and playoff games with other teams of the League.


9.5          At the Annual General Meeting each team shall provide the President with a disclosure statement, in the form of annexed hereto as Schedule “A”, disclosing the exact nature of the control of such team. If the control of an interest is other than a natural person, then it shall disclose who are the parties thereto (whether shareholders or otherwise) until it is fully disclosed who the natural person(s) ultimately in control of such a team and the extend hereto.





               9.6.1       Applicants for membership in the League must file a letter of intent and Schedule 1 by 1 April. It shall be accompanied by an Application Fee in the amount of Three Thousand dollars ($3000.00) payable to the League. In addition, the applicant shall provide proof as the members of the League may require as to the organization, finances and personnel of the applicant, as well as show the nucleus for a good hockey club exists in the applicant’s area.                            


               9.6.2       The affirmation vote of three-fourths (3/4) of all teams of the League shall be required for admission of a new team                                    


               9.6.3       If the application is rejected all monies will be returned to the applicant less reasonable expenses.                                                             


               9.6.4       If the application is accepted, the applicant will be required to make further payments to the league as outlined in the League’s Fees Policies.



               9.6.5       In the case of dissolution of the League prior to or during any playing season, any team which is operating within the League for the first year shall not have any share in any of the disbursements of the League’s assets.                                                                           


                Each team shall be issued a Certificate of Membership signed by the President of the League, certifying that the team is a member of the League and holds a

               franchise from the League to operate a hockey team in a designated location.


9.8          Any of the participating teams may make written application to the President to alter any conditions of their operation any time, providing the alternation, if

               approved by the League in writing, would not conflict with any of the provisions of the League’s By-Laws or Regulations

 9.9          For the purpose of By-Law 9.8, the following shall be deemed to be conditions of the team’s operation:        

               a)            change of team’s name

               b)            change of team’s colour(s)

               c)            change of team’s executive

               d)            change of location of home rink


9.10        A team may apply to the League to move its franchise permanently to another rink for home games under Section 9.9 at any time prior to, or during, the schedule. If the distance of such a move would be a distance of forty (40) kilometers or more, such move shall be approved by a three-fourths (3/4) majority vote of all members at the Annual or Special Meeting called by the League Executive at which time the application is heard. If the distance of such a move would be a distance of less than forty (40) kilometers, such move shall be approved at a League Meeting as stated in the By-Laws.

 9.11        TRANSFER OF A TEAM

                No team may be sold, assigned, or otherwise transferred except:

                a)            with the consent of three-fourths (3/4) of all League teams which consent shall not be reasonably withheld;

                b)            upon the condition that the transferee will at all times be bound by and comply with all the terms, provisions of these By-Laws and the rules and regulations of the League;

                c)            upon the further condition that the transferee shall assume a guarantee to pay all debts, liabilities and obligations owed to the League or any of its Teams, by the transferor team existing at the date of transfer

                d)            Franchise transfer fee (ownership) will be One Thousand Dollars ($1000.000), payable when the transfer is approved by the League.

 9.12        Transfer of a team shall not release the transferor of any of its debts, liabilities or obligations to the League existing at the date of transfer.

 9.13        Upon the transfer of a team any and all interests of the transferor in and to any and all funds and any other assets of the League shall be vested in the transferee.


                The vote for admission of new teams or the transfer of a team may be taken at any Annual or Special Meeting of the League.

 9.15        LEAVE OF ABSENCE   

                A leave of absence maybe granted by the League to any team subject to the following conditions:


               a)            The leave must be approved by three-fourths (3/4) majority of the active League Teams.


               b)            Any leave of absence will be effective for one (1) year.


               c)            Notification to return to active status must be received by the President no later than April 30 of the year they are absent from the League.


9.16        Any team granted a leave of absence shall forfeit it’s right to vote at League meetings while on leave, but, will have the right to attend all League meetings

               and receive copies of all minutes, notices and correspondence which maybe distributed to the league teams.



                Any team of the League may withdraw from membership by tendering its Written resignation to the President and surrendering its Certificate of Membership, making full payment of any and all dues or other debts owing the League and any and all debts owing to other teams of the League and waiving, in writing, any claim to any and all funds and other assets of the League or it’s teams.

               Should the withdrawing team fail to comply with any of the above provisions, the League shall be entitled to retain as its sole property any and all fees, performance bonds or other League funds to which the team would otherwise be entitled.





               The membership of a team maybe suspended or terminated by a vote of three-fourths (3/4) of all the Teams of the League, if the team or its officials shall do or

               suffer any of the following:

                a)            Willfully violate the provisions of these By-Laws or Regulations of the League

                b)            Fail to comply with any directive, pay any dues or other indebtedness owing the League, with in thirty (30) days, after written notice from the League President.

                c)            Disbands its team during the playing season or ceases its team business.

                d)            Fails to present its team at the time and place it is scheduled to play, provided that such game is duly scheduled in accordance with these articles, unless such non appearance is caused by accident in travel or weather conditions beyond the control of the team.

                e)            Fail or refuse to fulfill its contractual obligations in such a way as to adversely affect the League or its Teams.

                f)            Knowingly manipulates any promotions operated by the League or a Team.


9.19        DISSOLUTION

               The League may be dissolved at any time by the League Executive with the consent of three-fourths (3/4) of all League teams. Upon dissolution, the League assets shall be equally divided among the teams except in the case of the provisions of By-law 9.6.5.



10.1        Each participating team shall be entitled to one voting representative at any meeting of the League.



10.2        a)            Two (2) officers of the League Executive shall have the right to vote at any League meeting. In case of a tie the President’s vote shall carry. The officers of the League Executive shall be expected to bring forth suggestions and recommendations dealing with any areas of the operation of the League for consideration of the comprising teams at the League meeting.


               b)            The voting officers of the League shall be the Vice-Presidents.


10.3        All motions put at any League meeting shall be carried by three-fourths (3/4)  majority vote of the voting representatives present unless otherwise required

               by the By-Laws and Regulations.


10.4        An application made under the By-Laws and Regulations must be approved by three-fourth (3/4) majority of participating teams present at any League meeting

               or in the event of an emergency, the Secretary is hereby empowered to make a telephone vote of the participating teams provided that in the sole discretion of

               the League Executive, the application is of an emergency nature. Any such  telephone vote must be confirmed and ratified at the first League meeting

               following the taking of such telephone vote.

 10.5        Roberts Rules of Order shall apply at all meetings at which a jurisdictional dispute arises.


10.6        Voting by proxy shall not be permitted at any meeting of the League or its Committees.



11.1        The fiscal year of the Nova Scotia Jr. C Hockey League shall be the period from 01 May in any year to 30 April of the following year.

                                                                                                                                                XII – BANKING AND BORROWING

12.1        The League Executive shall arrange for the opening of a bank account in a chartered bank, trust company or credit union in which funds of the Nova Scotia

                Jr. C Hockey League shall be deposited and withdrawals made by the Treasurer and one of the Elected officers, to be recognized as the signing officers of the League

 12.2        The League Executive shall be responsible for the payment of all accounts of the Nova Scotia Jr. C Hockey league and shall make such regulations as it deems necessary to deal with payment or regular current accounts.

 12.3        Borrowing powers of the League shall be exercised by a Special Resolution passed at a duly constituted General Meeting by a vote of no less than three-quarters (3/4) of those entitled to vote




13.1        Shall be as per HNS Regulation Seven – Appeals and Protests.




14.1        The League shall adopt the playing rules of the Hockey Canada.

 14.2        The League will abide by the By-Laws and Regulations of the Hockey Canada and Hockey Nova Scotia.

 14.3        In exceptional cases, the League may apply to its governing branch to make  changes to the rules and regulations.




      Where any matter is not dealt with within the By-Laws and Regulations of the Nova Scotia Junior “C” Hockey league, but, is dealt with within the handbook of the governing branch, then provisions of the said handbook shall apply. Provided, however, that any matter dealt with within Article, By-Laws or Regulations of the governing branch or in the Hockey Canada handbook shall be dealt with at any League meeting by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the participating representatives of the teams present at such meeting, provided such matter(s) is not in conflict with the Articles, By-Laws and Regulations of Hockey Canada or Hockey Nova Scotia






1.1          Participating teams shall, during all scheduled games of the League, dress a minimum as per HC Official Playing Rule 2.2 (a).

 1.2          Excepting due to weather conditions, circumstances beyond the control of the team as approved by the League Executive, teams at fault causing unplayed or

               uncompleted games are to be subject to a League penalty of two hundred dollars ($200.00), plus six hundred dollars ($600.00) to reimburse the opposing team



1.3          Any team not paying the penalty is to be suspended until the unplayed game or games are played and the fines are paid to the League.

1.4          Games cancelled due to weather conditions must be rescheduled and played. The coaches of both teams are to consult before a game is cancelled due to weather

               conditions. If they cannot agree, the President is to be called.

1.5          Any team who plays an ineligible player shall automatically be deemed to have lost the game or games in which any ineligible player(s) has participated. The

               League will suspend any coach who plays an ineligible player pending a hearing.  In addition, the team shall be fined one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each and

               every infraction.                                                                                        

 1.6          Each participating team shall indicate to the Secretary at the Annual Meeting in  each year, the name and address of the Team Representative (Schedule 1) as

               provided for in By-Law IX of the By-Laws of this League and such Team Representative, when recorded with the Secretary, shall be deemed to be the

               Team Representative and shall continue to be that Team’s Representative until such time as any changes might be made in accordance with the By-Laws or

               Regulations of this League.  


1.7          Each proposed Team Representative presented to the Secretary shall be scrutinized and approved by the League Executive before they are recorded with

               the Secretary.

 1.8          If the League Executive should decide that the proposed Team Representative does not meet the requirements of the By-Law IX of the By-Laws of the League, the League Executive shall meet with the representative of the team in question before making any final decisions or rejections. The said representative shall have the opportunity to question the grounds for any proposed rejection and should any explanation in relation to the said ground not be acceptable, the team shall be given the opportunity to submit further proposed representatives.


1.9          Each of the participating teams shall indicate to the Secretary at the Annual Meeting, in writing (Schedule 1), whether such teams intend to participate in the League the following season. The Secretary is to contact any team not heard from.


1.10        All player’s registration cards, transfer information, releases and trades shall be sent to the Registrar of the governing branch, who shall forward copies of all

               team lists to the League president.


1.11        For all regular scheduled games and League playoffs, the home team shall provide security in the form of police, security guards or RCMP.


1.12        Matching home and away jerseys must be worn and of the team’s designated colours. Any Team not wearing the appropriate home or away jersey will be

               fined fifty dollars ($50.00) for each non-compliance.


1.13        Bench staff is defined as those team officials eligible to participate in sanctioned games on the player’s bench. There will be a minimum of a Coach and Trainer

               on the Player Bench at all times, unless more are stipulated by the CHA or HNS.


1.14        No team shall be entitled to be represented and/or have voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting or at any League meeting unless its financial

               commitments to the League are fully paid and they are deemed to be in good standing with the League.                                                                        


                                                                                                              REGULATION II – PLAYERS


2.1          PROTECTED LIST


2.1.1       Hockey Nova Scotia Junior Police Manual will govern Junior Teams.


2.1.2       As of January 15th, teams having selected Special Affiliation, must have forwarded all completed special affiliation player agreements.


2.1.3       As of January 15th, Final Registration Date, any player who is to be used for the remainder of the season is to be listed on this date. You may not sign a player on January 16th. The teams final roster is to be submitted to the League by January 15th.


2.2          VIOLATIONS


2.2.1       It would be a violation if any club attempted to sign or tamper with a player on another team’s Protected List.


2.2.2       Any challenges or complaints by a team will not be considered unless they are in writing and registered with the President. The League’s Executive Committee will deal with them.


2.2.3       A three-fourths (3/4) vote of the Executive shall decide the disposition of charges or complaints.





2.3.1       A three-fourths (3/4) vote of the Executive Committee shall decide the amount of the penalty to be imposed for any proven violation.


2.3.2       It is agreed by League Members that any proven violations can result in a fine being registered against the team(s) involved, with all money going to the League.




2.4.1       Compensating players for their participation in any way will be prohibited


2.4.2       Paying teams for player releases will be prohibited


2.4.3       If the executive feel confident after reviewing a complaint that a team or franchise have paid players or an organization for players then the team or franchise will be fined $250.00 for the first offence and the player shall be deemed ineligible to play the remainder of the season.

2.4.4       A second offence a fine of $500.00 and the player and General Manager will be ineligible for the remainder of the season.


2.4.5       A third offence the discipline will be decided by the executive and may include removal of the franchise from the league.





3.1          The League playoff format shall be constructed annually prior to the start of regular season play, by the teams and League Executive.

3.2          League standings shall be determined by the accumulation of points: two (2) points for a win in regulation time, one (1) point for a loss in overtime and/or shoot out.                                                                                                                  


3.3          If two teams are tied in points after the regular season’s schedule is completed, then the standings will be determined in accordance with the system employed by the National Hockey League:


                        a)         Go to overall regular season wins. Most wins.

                        b)         Season record of the two teams involved, playing against each other.

                        c)         Goal differential – number of goals against is subtracted from the number of goals for. The difference is the goal differential.


3.4          The President of the League shall appoint a person to represent the League at all

               playoff games whenever possible and such person so appointed shall be known

               as the League Official and should be, where possible, a member of the League

               Executive and identify himself to both clubs involved.



3.5          Teams participating in League Playoffs may arrange their own playoff dates

               provided they are completed by the date set by the League Executive. In the

               event that no agreement can be reached between the teams concerned, the

               League Executive shall set the dates of all games and confirm by mail/email/fax.




4.1          All participating teams shall be required to pay to the League the annual fees of

               thirteen hundred dollars ($1300.00) performance bond; an annually League

               assessment ( this based upon the operating budget for the coming season divided

               by the number of teams) for the League and five hundred dollars ($500.00)

               Maritime Hockey North Fund fee which goes to the Team representing the

               League at Maritime North Jr. C Champions. If no team from this League

               participates at the Maritime North Jr. C Championships, the five hundred

               dollars ($500.00) can be refunded to the teams. The League Assessment and the

               Maritime North fee shall be made payable by 15 October


4.2          Whenever the bank balance of the League reaches a minimum of one hundred

               dollars ($100.00) per team, the participating teams maybe assessed equally by

               the League Executive for any further expenditure in relation to the operation of

               the League.            




5.1          The League may, from time to time, adopt minimum suspensions or penalties to

               be  imposed on offending team players and officials. If such minimum

               suspension policy is in effect in the League, whether by adoption or through the

               governing body, then prior to the League Officer responsible for Discipline

               imposing a penalty in excess of the established minimum, the Officer shall hold a

               hearing to determine the appropriate penalty. At the hearing, together with such

               other persons as maybe deemed necessary by the League Officer presiding. Each

               team involved shall be entitled to make a submission, if desired and the

               submission should be held without interruption. Other parties to the hearing

               may ask questions through the presiding Officer, once the submission is

               completed. Hearings should be held as soon as practical following the incident. If

               required the team(s) involved and with the agreement of the Chairman of the

               hearing, may hold the hearing by telephone conference call. The expenses for a

               teleconference will be the responsibility of the team(s) involved.


5.2          In exceptional circumstances, the President or his designate may suspend a

               team, player or official pending a suspension hearing, if he determines that such

               action is necessary to preserve the integrity of the League or for good cause.


5.3          There shall be no hearing or appeal from minimum suspensions issued under a

               minimum suspension policy.


5.4          An appeal of suspension made by the President or his designate maybe made to

               the League’s Appeals Committee.


5.5          An appeal from the decision of the League Disciplinary Committee maybe made

               to the Appeals Committee.




6.1          All League Playoff games shall be handled by a referee, Level Four (4) or higher,

               registered and in good standing with the governing body, or affiliated branches

               of the CHA, together with two linesmen, Level Three (3), or higher.




7.1          Each participating team shall indicate at the Annual Meeting their preference of

               days and times for their home games. The officer drafting the schedule shall

               follow these preferences so the indicated as closely as possible and equitable.


7.2          The League schedule shall, in all events, be subject to ratification by three-

               fourths (3/4) of the participating teams of the League before it is designated as

               the regular schedule for the League in any season.


7.3          Upon verification of the League schedule, no games shall be rescheduled except with the authorization of the President, or his designate.


                        a)         Any unplayed game(s) of the League schedule must be rescheduled within two weeks of the originally scheduled game, except for the last Three (3) weeks of the regular season when the President shall coordinate and finalize with the teams involved and notify the League Executive of the changes.

 7.4          If the provisions of paragraph 7.3 cannot be implemented and the team Requesting the rescheduling is unable to play the game scheduled, that team shall automatically forfeit that game and the game shall be recorded by the League Statistician as having been played, with a loss shown against the forfeiting team and a win credited to the other team. The score will be recorded as 5-0. The forfeiting team shall reimburse the League and home team as a result of such forfeiture.




8.1                    All League games will be comprised of three (3) twenty (20) minute period. If the warm up is on dirty ice, then the ice will be resurfaced before the start of the game and resurfaced after each period. If the warm up starts on clean ice, then the game will start after the warm up and the first ice resurfacing will be after the first period. The length of the warm up shall be ten (10) minutes.


8.2          Any regular season game that is tied at the expiration of regulation time shall play a five (5) minute, stop-time, sudden victory period. During this period the teams shall reduce the number of players from six on six to five on five.


8.3          If still tied then a shootout as per the following:

               1.      The home team picks whether they shoot first or second.

               2.      the same five (5) shooters for the entire shootout.

               3.      Any penalized player(s) at the end of overtime shall not participate.  




9.1          All League Game Reports shall be faxed/e-mailed to the League President or his designate for media relations within one (1) hour after completion of the game.  Teams failing to file the game report within this period will be forwarded to the League Statistician.                                                                                           

9.2          All League Original Game Reports shall be mailed to the League Statistician within ninety-six (96) hours of the completion of the game by the home team.  Teams failing to file the original game report within the stated time period will be subject to a ten dollars ($10.00) fine.                                                             

9.3          All League Incident Reports shall be filed directly to the President or his/her designate for the handling of suspension by the on-ice official in charge (referee) immediately upon completion of the game in the manner established by the Hockey Nova Scotia Referee-in-Chief.                                                               




10.1        Each participating team’s coach or his representative shall nominate four players from any team for the categories that are awarded annually. This will be done by memos from the coaches to the President, on completion of the regular schedule, prior to playoffs. The President will forward name/team of all nominees to the coaches by memo. Voting on the awards shall be 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice for each award, with voting to be done by the team coaching staff. This voting must be submitted to the President within seven (7) days of the final             regular season game.

10.2        Annual Awards shall be announced by the President, within seven (7) days of the League Playoffs being completed.                                                                     

10.3        Annual Awards shall be presented as follows:

                        a)         League Champion (Playoffs)           League Banner

                        b)         First Overall Regular Season          League Banner plus Plaque

                        c)         Coach of the Year                             Plaque plus Keeper Trophy

                        d)         Team Executive of the Year            Plaque plus Keeper Trophy

                        e)         Rookie of the Year ( 18 or under)   Plaque plus Keeper Trophy

                        f)         Leading Scorer                                  Plaque plus Keeper Trophy

                        g)         Most Sportsmanlike Player              Plaque plus Keeper Trophy

                        h)         Top Defenseman                               Plaque plus Keeper Trophy

                        i)          Top Goaltender ( Save % )              Plaque plus Keeper Trophy

                        j)          Most Valuable Player (Regular Season)  Plaque plus Keeper Trophy

                        k)         Most Valuable Player (Playoffs)     Plaque plus Keeper Trophy

                        l)          Best Goaltender GAA                      Plaque plus Keeper Trophy

                        m)        Overager of the Year                        Plaque plus Keeper Trophy

                        n)         Justin Kenny Memorial                    West Division Champions

                        o)         David Kjarbo Memorial                   Central Division Champions


8.4          For the First Overall in Regular Season, Leading Scorer, League Champion, Justin Kenney Memorial, David Kjarbo Memorial and Provincial Champion awards voting not required. These awards will be based upon the statistical results.                                                                      


8.5          For the Top Defenseman (Regular Season), Most Valuable Player (Regular Season), Top Goaltender (Regular Season), Most Sportsmanlike Player (Regular Season), Rookie of the Year, Team executive of the Year and Coach of the Year voting will be recorded based upon four choices. The choices will be given points based upon: 1st choice – 5 points; 2nd choice – 3 points; 3rd choice – 2 points and 4th choice – 1 point.                                                                                     

 8.6          The individual playoffs award will be based upon voting from each coach in for the Most Valuable Player award. The format for the voting shall be: during

               each series except the championship series, the coach of each team shall submit

               his top three choices within forty-eight (48) hours to the President.  During the championship series the teams involved shall appoint a person at the rink to select a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice for the Most Valuable Player from the opposing team at each game. These choices are to be submitted to the President within twenty-four (24) hours.                     

 8.7          The points to be used for the voting of the Playoff awards shall be 1st choice – 4 points; 2nd choice – 2 points and 3rd choice – 1 point.                             


 11.1        Each team shall pick three (3) forwards, two (2) defensemen and one (1) goaltender.         

 11.2        Teams will vote for five (5) forwards, four (4) defensemen and two (2) goaltenders –  points will be awarded according to the picked position. Eg. 1st pick – 5 points, 2nd pick – 4 points, 3rd pick – 3 points, 4th pick – 2 points and the 5th pick – 1 point.

 11.3        Teams may nominate players from their own team.

 11.4        Teams may not vote for players from their own team.






12.1        The League President shall receive a yearly honorarium of four hundred fifty dollars ($450.00).                                                                                                            

 12.2        The League Vice-President(s), to a maximum of two, each shall receive a yearly honorarium of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00).                                      

12.3        The League Secretary shall receive a yearly honorarium of three hundred dollars ($300.00).                                                                                                           

 12.4        The League Treasurer shall receive a yearly honorarium of three hundred dollars ($300.00).                                                                                                            

 12.5        If the League Secretary and League Treasurer are combined and held by one and the same person, then the League Secretary/Treasurer shall receive a yearly honorarium of three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00)                                     

 12.6        The League Statistician shall receive a yearly honorarium of three hundred dollars ($300.00).  

 12.7        The League Scheduler shall receive a yearly honorarium of three hundred Dollars ($500.00)                                                                                            




13.1        Expenses for Executive travel is available to be paid by the League as Follows:

 13.1.1     Reimbursement for automobile travel at a rate set out in Schedule C.

 13.1.2     Reimbursement of actual lodging costs, within reason. Where at all possible, and applicable, rooms shall be shared by two people.

 13.1.3     A meal allowance based on rates listed in schedule C. Where exceptional circumstances exist meals may be reimbursed at actual cost ( receipts required).                                                                                                

13.2        The President or his designate shall attempt to attend as many league games as possible throughout the season.                                                                      

 13.3        The President or his designate must be in attendance during a League Championship game where the Championship may be won. If sufficient funds are available other Executive members may be authorized to attend at League expense.                                                                                                             

 13.4        The President or his designate must be in attendance during Provincial Championship tournament. If sufficient funds are available other Executive members may be authorized to attend at League expense.                          

 13.5        The President or his designate must be in attendance during the Maritime Hockey North Junior C Championships. If sufficient funds are available other Executive members may be authorized to attend at League expense.                         

 13.6        Where an Executive member is on League business and such business prevents that member from returning home so as to arrive prior to 1:00 AM, or driving conditions are such that driving would be hazardous, expenses shall be paid in accordance with Regulation 13.1 above.                                                        




14.1     The objectives of the League are:

                  a)   To foster and encourage the support of Junior “C” hockey  throughout Nova Scotia;

b)     To sponsor and encourage clean hockey and to discourage unsportsmanlike tactics by either individual players, team officials or fans;

c)      To cooperate with educational institutions to ensure that hockey does not adversely interfere with a student’s education;

d)     To ensure that the basic human rights of all individuals are respected;                              

e)      To supervise and carry out hockey contests within the League and to eventually declare a League champion;

f)       To receive, hold and use all monies and other assets subscribed to it or acquired by other means and apply such property to the realization of the objectives of the League;

g)      To carry on operation of the League without purpose of monetary gain to any of the members.




15.1           League shall be comprised of two divisions, which shall be known as the “Central Division” and the “West Division”. The divisions shall be identified by geographical boundaries and shall contain teams listed in Schedule “B”.


15.2           Team(s) on a one year leave of absence shall be identified in Schedule “B”




16.1        All expenses in conjunction with the operation of the League, not specifically

               dealt within these By-Laws or Regulations, shall be paid for from the League

               treasury provided they are approved for payment at a properly constituted

               League Meeting.                                                                                                                         



16.2        In addition to regulation 9.2, the President may also assess fines for improperly completed game reports. Game reports shall include all game officials, minor

               officials’ names, complete list of players, including captain and back up goaltender, all scoring and penalty statistics with times.                             



16.3        Any levied fines not received by the League by the specified date will automatically be doubled and if not paid within two (2) weeks, the team maybe suspended.                                                                                                         


16.4        Any request for information by the President, Secretary, Treasurer or

               Statistician and bearing a deadline date that is not met, will result in a fine of

               not less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00)                                                                             


16.5        The practice of two teams lining up and shaking hands at the end of the game

               Shall continue in all exhibition, League and Playoff games.                                  


16.6        Each team in the League shall be limited to four (4) twenty-one (21) year old








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Tom Foley

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